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 Hi, This website is an extension of my *online site. Many of the items listed in my collection are not allowed on my online site. I would like my collectibles to be listed and viewable, so why not here!

I also collect error/correct/variation cards that will be recognized **on another site because they are not allowed on my *online site.

I will also provide access to the extensive trader cards and memorabilia I have for trade/sell/buy **on another site.

*TCDb - Great site, but has it's own rules as what to list and what not to list. Their rules have to be respected.

** both sites under construction


 wax boxes and box bottoms, old bread labels, vintage buttons, topps coins and team calendars


headliners, starting lineup, 

NYY & NYM flyers, window stick-on insignias, food lids & discs, pro magnets


photos, photocards, vintage pins, ice cream cup helmets, mini-helmets, team and player posters, team programs, SCD, Tuff Stuff, Beckett etc., team yearbooks

Oddball stuff

My collectibles are based on what the TCDb lists or does not list. On the following pages you will view some of my collectibles that I couldn't list onsite. My collectibles will be updated as often as possible.


I've collected cards for over 60 years in so many different ways, from kid to teenager to young adult to old adult. My stlyle changed throughout the years. I've invested my time in the hobby and luv it to this day. My faves today are my Err/Cor/Var collection and my Fleer Sticker collection. My fave player is Peyton Manning, My fave teams are the Oakland A's and Philadelphia Eagles. NJ Devils and Brooklyn Nets.

I'm Jersey thru and thru, doubt that will ever change.

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Peyton Manning 

Coaster Oddball

1986 Fleer BB Stickers

LQQK for Errors

1986 Fleer FB

"Redline" Stickers' Errors

Upper Deck Hockey

Lamp **For Sale**