BOXES & BOX BOTTOMS: Most wax boxes are listed as packaging. However other boxes are not such as cereal boxes. Most box bottoms are also listed as both panels and singles.

BREAD LABELS & BUTTONS: Some vintage bread labels and vintage buttons are listed. However some do not qualify.

COINS, CALENDARS & CALENDAR CARDS: Coins are listed, like Topps coins but others are not. Calendars are not, inserted cards are.

FIGURES, FIGURINES & CARDS: Figures and figurines are not but inserted cards are, ex. Starting Lineup

FLYERS & TEAM INSIGNIAS: No Flyers , but some Team Insignias are

LIDS & DISCS: There are many Lids and Discs listed.

MAGNETS & MEDALLIONS: Assorted Magnets, Pro-Magnets are listed. Medallions like coins vary in listing.

PHOTOS & PHOTOCARDS: Photos & Photocards are listed if the site criteria is followed.

PINS & POSTCARDS: Plenty of Pins and Postcards are provided the criteria is followed.

HELMETS & HELMET RELICS: Most icream cup and minature helmets are not listed. Helmet Relic cards are listed.

TEAM & PLAYER POSTERS: These posters can be found onsite, but criteria must be followed.

PROGRAMS & PROGRAM INSERTS: Not many programs are listed, but inserts are.

PUBLICATIONS, YEARBOOKS & INSERTS: Publications have a separate category, but they must be Trade publicats, like SCD or Beckett. Sports' magazines like SI are not. Yearbook inserts are listed but Yearbooks are not.


  • Coasters- There are some Coasters, they were given a special permission.